Book Review

The Bone Witch By Rin Chupeco

I absolutely loved this book. I loved how this whole book was basically told in a story format. The main character narrating the story to someone else. She recounts her story basically. It was brilliant and very imaginative.

The only downside was the fact that the first half of the book was incredibly fast paced and after that it just kind of felt never ending but I still loved this book that just kind of let it down. This half of the book was a little overwhelming. The world building was a tad too much and the information was in overload. It was just too much.

The characters were interesting and intriguing and I loved learning about the different relationships and how they interacted with each other.

The story is told in different time formats. We feel like we are the ones being told the story which was quite clever and it flips back and forth like that which is good actually as sometimes its done in such a way that it makes you not want to read the book. This one however I just kept wanting to read.

Overall, this is a good book to the start of a series and I enjoyed it.

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