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Top Ten Tuesday #456

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and now resides at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme where every week on a Tuesday a new list top is posted and we make a top 10 list with that topic.

This weeks topic is:

Favourite Tropes (submitted by Andrea @ Books for Muse)

For those of you like me who has no idea what a trope is and actually had to look it up (guilty) it is a commonly used plot theme or device.

I am going to do my top 5 I love and Top 5 I hate.


  1. The use of a prologue specifically one that is obscure. Sometimes it is necessary to have one of these in. It starts the book somewhere that you don’t what and it draws you in. Other time it doesn’t work.
  2. Love triangles. Now who doesn’t love one of these. You always have the main character and then they have to chose the love of their lives. You have the good guy and the bad guy.
  3. The famous hate-to-love romance. Don’t get me wrong I should hate this but I don’t. I am normally the one who is rooting for the bad guy or the guy we hate so this one makes perfect sense to me.
  4. Protagonist who will sacrifice themselves. Cliche but it gets to me. If your brave enough to sacrifice yourself for the one who love, your family or friends then you deserve to be liked.
  5. Villain Redemption. Like I said I love a bad guy (only if they aren’t that old and are attractive) so therefore I like this one. I always like when the bad guy doesn’t something that makes him good. But I secretly wish sometimes he will go back to being bad just for a little bit.


  1. Love at first sight. HATE HATE HATE. I find this one way too cliche and it just ends up ruining the book. There is no such thing as love at first sight!
  2. The chosen one. Now if it wasn’t the main character then I wouldn’t mind it, it’s a book twist but just no.
  3. Their parents….aren’t their parents. Eurgh how many times have I come across this disaster. You can always see this one coming and it annoys the hell out of me.
  4. Parents who are conveniently absent. Now in some books the main character either ends up throwing a big party or attending one. Where the heck are the parents? If I was a barely legal teenager wanting to drink my parents would defiantly be there!
  5. The protagonist doesn’t realise their own beauty. Boring. It just bugs me big time with this one. It’s childish and very self-centred.

8 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday #456”

  1. “If I was a barely legal teenager wanting to drink my parents would defiantly be there!” — I love that I suspect you meant definitely, but then realize it still accurately describes parents being there in defiance of your hypothetical wish for them not to be, and now wonder if you are purposely subverting a common spelling error and simultaneously catching me looking the fool for being overly pedantic. …I love it a lot.

    Fun list to read, even if I do run away from basically all your faves. 🙂

  2. I didn’t even think about the prologue one! So glad you included that one. I usually read a prologue because I’ve been seeing that it makes sense later on down the line (I used to not, and I feel dumb) but I’m sooooo glad you mentioned it! Great lists <3

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