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Top Ten Tuesday #477

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and now resides at That Artsy Reader Girl.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme where every week on a Tuesday a new list top is posted and we make a top 10 list with that topic.

This weeks topic is

Bookish discoveries

  1. EBooks – I am not stupid. I know they exist but it is only recently that I have started to read them even more.
  2. FairyLoot – For those people out there who love book subscriptions, this one is for you. You’ll thank me later.
  3. Instagram – I use Instagram in my personal life a lot that I never stopped once to think that I could use it for book blogging.
  4. Magnetic Bookmarks – This one is a strange one. It is courtesy of FairyLoot that I have to thank my love for these. They’re amazing!
  5. NetGalley – If like me you live in the UK then ARC’s are hard to come back this website is a life saver!
  6. Genre’s out of my comfort zone! – This is a big one for me. I am and always be a YA lover but thanks to 2019 (and Amazon Kindle Unlimited) I stepped out of my comfort zone.
  7. Libby – With two children I find it hard to get out to the library and with my car broken it makes it harder. So in comes Libby. Libby is my connection to my local library. I can borrow EBooks and Audio Books from my library off this App. Like this idea, check your local library.
  8. Adaptions – A lot of books are made into either Movies or TV Series so I was shocked to be finding myself liking the adaption better then the books. I.e. Shadowhunters, I am very well aware this was before 2019 but I loved the last season better then the books. Sorry. Zoo is also one of these. And these do count because I read the books in 2019!
  9. Second Chances – A long time ago before I became a book blogger I never put my reviews out there so there is bound to be books out there that I have read and not put reviews up about therefore I would hate a book and come back and like it after reading a second time. And this is true for 2019.
  10. GoodReads – Like I said just now I never used to post my reviews. This is a good site!

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