Hello and welcome to Reading Under the Covers.

This is a website dedicated to all things about books, mainly reviewing books and mainly YA Books.

I have always had a passion for reading books but I never thought anyone would like to read my opinions but my partner, Ryan, pushed me towards this as I am obsessed with books so hopefully this goes well.

My name is Rebecca and I am a mother of 2 very adorable children. I have a boy born in 2015 and a girl born in 2018.

I am technically a stay-at-home mum, but I work weekends only and spend the rest of my time looking after my children.

Unfortunately, Ryan doesn’t live with us but that’s fine because he is still the best father and partner in the world.

I am currently studying at the Open University doing a degree in Biology which I hope some day when I graduate, I can go on to study to become either an Archaeologist or an Anthropologist but for now I am good with being a mum.

I hope you enjoy the journey I am on within the book world.

Me and the kids
Me and Ryan

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