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The Truth Beneath the Lies by Amanda Seacry

The Truth Beneath the Lie Book Cover The Truth Beneath the Lie
Amanda Seacry
Delacorte Press
December 12th 2017

Fight or Flight.

All Kayla Asher wants to do is run. Run from the government housing complex she calls home. Run from her unstable mother. Run from a desperate job at No Limit Foods. Run to a better, cleaner, safer life. Every day is one day closer to leaving.

All Betsy Hopewell wants to do is survive. Survive the burner phone hidden under her bed. Survive her new rules. Survive a new school with new classmates. Survive being watched. Every minute grants her another moment of life.

But when fate brings Kayla and Betsy together, only one girl will live.

My thoughts and feelings about this book are a bit all over the place.

When I first started reading this book I was utterly confused about what was going on. At points I found myself wanting to hit my head against a wall. I just spent most of my time going back and forth trying to figure out what I was forgetting.

The book is split into two different points of views. One one hand we have Kayla and the other we have Betsy. Two completely different people but their world collide.

Betsy is getting calls on a burner phone from a mysterious caller and Kayla just wants a different life, one she fights to keep seperate from a guy.

Then fate brings the girls together, or well a serial killer.

Yes you read that right a serial killer.

This book touched on a bunch of subjects that can be seriously uncomfortable for people including myself. I don’t normally read dark young adult books but this one was a little different.

This book didn’t shy away from the dark side of what life can be like and I liked that. It also gave us a little bit of romance.

What I didn’t like was how much brain power I had to use just to keep up with the story and how much I had to figure out. Like I have already said I was confused.

Overall, I liked the fact the book didn’t shy away from tough subjects but I was just so incredibly confused.

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